An article in the Club Africa of AirFrance confirms UP2gether strategy, promotion project of Italian companies in Africa, of which Barbara de Siena is the contact person, that which you can read here.

European companies have so far sold in Africa at a distance only. It was the right strategy, but not anymore.

doing-business-in-africa-from-export-model-to-local-market-presence-300x205A market of almost a billion people waiting for our companies and the winning tactic is to be in the area, it also confirms the book “Doing Business in Africa” di Marjolein Lem of the consulting firm Berenschot International which has over ten years of experience in Africa.

The book is the result of collaboration between three partners:

– Berenschot International, part of management consultancy firm Berenschot,
– The Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC) is part of RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam
– The Netherlands−African Business Council (NABC), is the leading network organization for Dutch businesses in Africa, with over 300 members.

The companies that will lose this opportunity, you will find a market much more complicated and difficult when, in ten years, they decide to go there.


The right solution? Be present in the territory.

UP2gether Business Center of Dakar


barbara-de-siena-2007The opening  of the UP2gether Business Center in Dakar next autumn will allow companies to have a TES Temporary Export Specialist at the disposal of their product. Barbara de Siena, will be present in the new center which will be inaugurated during the SENFEX fair to be held in Dakar November 2 to 5 in 2016.

Barbara de Siena, sarà presente nella nuova sede che sarà inaugurata durante la fiera SENFEX (scoprite tutte le fiere a cui parteciperemo) che si terrà a Dakar dal 2 al 5 novembre 2016.

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