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Consultancy for exporting and selling abroad

Export and International Relations

Take your business abroad!

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International Relationship Platform

Selling abroad

Barbara de Siena’s experience as a consultant began in 1998. An expert professionalism that has led over 300 companies abroad that have found new markets for their products, technical partners for their projects, joint ventures for new entrepreneurial adventures.

The sales process varies from product to product, from company to company and in relation to the target markets.

Internationalization is, in this particular historical period, simpler and more practical and above all essential.

International Relationship Platform

Brand Ambassador

UP2gether’s Brand Ambassador is the service that promotes the brand or company abroad. Today, how ever, it has become essential to be present in more countries and markets to be able to have a wider clientele, a profitable business and a reduction in business risks.

Knowing markets, cultures and speaking Italian and French well, the Brand Ambassador allows companies to develop a presence and a presence in a much faster time. Thus, the paths of new business and international business development are more effective and concrete.

The operations that a company must implement for internationalization cannot be left to chance in this period, but the strategy must be carefully studied in relation to the target clientele sought.

The Brand Ambassador therefore represents an irreplaceable service for promoting your company abroad.

International Relationship Platform

The new UP2gether website

UP2gether’s website is evolving with new services available to client companies and readers.

  • Agenda Elettronica per fissare i colloqui in autonomia e ricevere un feedback in tempi stretti.
  • UP2gether Lounge, the training section where you can virtually meet our experts and learn about the rules to be respected and the mistakes to avoid. Selling abroad will thus become easier and more interesting.
  • Several White Papers on how to do business in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Monte Carlo and in the 54 countries of the African continent.

Download your Free White Paper here

White Paper African Economic Pillars. A text, with detailed sheets, which shows the oldest African commercial areas, their modern evolution in the African Continental Free Trade Treaty which regulates a market of over a billion consumers.

The vision

UP2gether International srl was born in Brussels as the natural evolution of the UP2gether project conceived in Paris and developed by Barbara de Siena.

The idea of making the export market accessible to businesses took shape following requests from some professionals to have precise and detailed information on the lines to follow to export and internationalize.


UP2gether’s clients are mainly companies looking for both financial and technical partners in foreign countries.

UP2gether’s many years of experience has led to the creation of a network of professionals, companies and institutions with which we can interface to find the best design solution.

Our story


UP2gether is able to analyze and advise you on the market that best suits your company and your product.

Tea and Coffee
I collaborated with Barbara de Siena both as President of EURODEFI and as a partner of Studio PSM.
Barbara proved to be a very valid reference for professional competence, breadth of views and relationships, resilience and ability to challenge.
Giacomo Pomati
Director at ILAS Network
Our company

Why choose UP2gether


Since 1996 (a few years later for the younger partners …) we pass our weeks between airports, stations, dirt roads and highways to get you closer to your markets


UP2gether International has strengthened its digital capabilities, maintained and improved contacts with the main international markets. Innovation now also passes through the use of advanced tools that allow companies to offer new communication and relationship systems.

The sales office is always active in the online search for your potential customers, distributors, importers.

Tailor made

Each client is different and requires a different approach. UP2gether studies your company and products to offer you a customized project to then share with you.


Barbara, CEO of UP2gether International, is bilingual Italian-French, also speaks English and Spanish and coordinates a team of professionals who perfectly know the languages spoken, ensuring companies an impeccable professional work in understanding and interpreting the materials of the countries where they export or are works.

Problem solving

At UP2gether, we know how to search and find solutions very well. We do it together with the customer to grow his brand awareness and improve the buyer journey.