UP2gether su whatsapp businessIn this very special period that we have just experienced, we have completely changed the vision and way of working for both companies and professionals.

I have been dealing with international markets for over 20 years. I was already using tools such as the telephone, e-mails and call and video-call tools regularly enough to work remotely with various foreign countries. Skype, Whatsapp Business (you can contact us through the QRcode on the side).

These tools have revolutionized communications with Africa in recent years, but also the new Zoom, Meet di Google and many others.

What everyone now calls smart-working was indispensable even before for me working in foreign countries for the internationalization of companies. The difficulty was rather that of making it clear to the interlocutors interested abroad that they could have discussed without necessarily meeting: “when you go to Padua, Naples, Alghero … London, Paris, Dakar … come and have a coffee …” was the refrain that I often heard myself repeat.

IL Network del Lounge di UP2gether

Today, everyone, both SMEs and large companies, private companies and institutions, has understood the enormous possibilities that smart-working and remote work can bring us. It has happened quite often in recent months to make appointments with people on different continents on the same day, increasing the internationalization opportunities for my clients significantly.

It was also necessary to study new ways to carry out daily activities by finding alternatives that allow the normal development of both the search for new customers and the accompaniment in the promotion phase so important in sales abroad.

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After having analyzed and extensively verified the activities that it was possible to maintain, we decided to open a virtual commercial office for companies that deal with both the French and the Belgian and Luxembourg markets, neighboring countries as well as Western sub-Saharanians African countries.

In this particular moment, the companies that use good marketing, communication, and sales systems will become leaders in the target markets chosen in their product sector.

It’s time for promotion!
It’s time to invest!
You have to “be there” and above all be online right now!

The creation of this new service – the Brand Ambassador – which is not new, continues the work begun by Barbara de Siena in Paris with the opening of a commercial office for some graphic arts companies in 1998. We have subsequently expanded the product categories. that we accompanied and the offer has been enriched with a series of digital services that UP2gether today wants to offer to its customers.

We have also started working on Brussels, an international center of the highest quality and importance with its public with international political and financial organizations in the capital of Belgium. This will allow the companies to have a commercial office that deals not only with France, Belgium and Luxembourg. The UP2gether Network will be in direct contact with professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs of various nationalities who have to do with Europe and its institutions.

We will also continue the work started by Barbara de Siena in 2011 with Africa. From Brussels, it is easier to reach the most important capitals of the African continent by plane. In Brussels, there are international contacts, events, companies, and professionals who can support a company that wants to invest in Africa.

UP2gether’s “Brand Ambassador” service will allow companies to have a French-speaking contact person who will accompany them in their path of internationalization, new business, and business development which become truly essential in this period, for the good health of companies.

A commercial action useful for internationalization cannot be left to chance but must be carefully studied especially concerning the clientele target we are looking for. The evolution that has taken place in the new digital advertising systems allows a more precise cost analysis to obtain certain results faster and with lower costs than in the past.

Of fundamental importance, especially in internationalization paths, is to have professional partners with a deep knowledge of the chosen markets.

The Brand Ambassador program, supported by increasingly precise digital tools for commercial activities, will thus be able to support the commercial growth sought for brand awareness to obtain the best results.
Selling abroad is not always so simple: you have to get in touch with the buyers, know the country well, its customs, the words to say and those not to say, but also the idioms that can be annoying to optimize the maximum contact you will have with the target.

Today the contact is so fast that a wrong approach can invalidate months of work and waste thousands of euros spent. Hence the importance of having a Brand Ambassador who knows the market, the product, and who knows how to convey to the company the do and don’ts.

The money spent by the company to make itself known and to make its brand known are not to be considered an expense, but a necessary investment for the company that will lead to a better reputation (brand awareness) and therefore obtaining the best results from commercial work.