The project UP2gether, designed by Barbara de Siena, active in a network a pool of highly qualified professionals selected to project companies and professionals towards an international context.
The work done over the years by the professionals involved in the project has created a specialized network in the work of internationalization for SMEs in France and French-speaking countries and in Africa.

During these years, Barbara has built and consolidated preferential channels with structures, professionals and institutions in Africa, gaining the ability to achieve rapidly targeted advice to favor the expansion plan and internationalization of the companies.

Barbara de Siena - Consulente per le relazioni internazionali


She began his career as a hostess, translator and then she understand promptly the importance of communication and press. She works for a company that deals with sponsorship for big brands such as Nestle condensed milk and Grana Padano (products sponsor of Italian national team of gymnastics and mountain bike) assisting the manager of events in the organization and management of the staff.

Since 1993 Barbara works to promote some companies in the graphic arts industry, consolidating significant experience in customer management and working with the world leading advertising agency present in Milan in 2000. After that she decided to start an international sales office in Paris for some printing company.

In 2005 she began to work for other sectors, expanding its vision to other types of products and promoting companies in Italy and France with projects IncontriGusto and IncontriModa.
Since 2007, she promotes the Centergross of Bologna and CIS of Naples working in collaboration with the National Federation of Clothing (association of boutique of French ready-to-wear).

In 2009 Barbara de Siena accepts a mission for a French company in Senegal and discover the charm and the immense potential of this continent. Thus began a collaboration with different structures in Africa, as DGPIP, that will lead to the preparation of different missions the accompanying companies in West sub-Saharan Africa.

Thus began a professional course that has broadened its horizons to a territory not yet fully known, which leads her to become the head of the Italian delegation of the First Africa SMB Forum in Casablanca, an international business meeting on interconnect and finance SMEs employment and inclusive growth in Africa in Morocco in early 2014 and in assisting companies that want to take the first steps in these new emerging countries.


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