Barbara de Siena


Since March 2022 UP2gether has moved to the island of Fuerteventura, in the Spanish Canary archipelago.



The UP2gether project, conceived by Barbara de Siena, offers a series of digital services including the creation of the International Virtual Commercial Office and the Brand Ambassador for the sale of products abroad and internationalization.

She is active, also in Brussels from 2020, with a pool of selected and highly qualified professionals to project companies and professionals towards an international context. The work carried out over the years by the professionals who collaborate in the project has made it possible to create a specialized network in internationalization work for SMEs in the Canary Islands, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and French-speaking countries in Africa.


UP2gether organizzazione Focus Senegal a Milano


UP2gether organizes the Senegal Focus for the BESI Bureau Economique du Sénégal en Italie (Embassy of Senegal) in collaboration with E4Impact, some Confindustria, Africa e Affari magazine, and some Lombard trade associations such as AINM and the PMI Lombarde.

UP2gether becomes Head of the Italian Delegation of the First Africa SMB Forum in Casablanca, international business meeting on Interconnecting and financing SMEs for employment and inclusive growth in Africa in Casablanca at the beginning of 2014 and in accompanying companies that want to do first steps in these new emerging countries.



Barbara de Siena accepts a mission for a French company in Senegal and discovers the charm and immense potential of the African continent. She thus began a collaboration with various structures in Africa, including the DGPIP, General Directorate for the Promotion of Private Investments of Guinea Bissau, which will lead her to the preparation of various accompanying missions in sub-Saharan West Africa in the following years. Thus she begins a path that broadens her professional horizons to a territory not yet fully known by our companies.

Since 2007 she has promoted the Centergross of Bologna and the CIS working in collaboration with the FNH National Federation of Clothing (the trade association of French prêt-à-porter boutiques), accompanying French buyers to buy from Italian producers, fashion, accessories, and footwear.


Barbara de Siena organizza a Bologna gli IncontriModa 2012


An international journey full of experience and savoir-faire

Barbara de Siena, Italian by origin, moved to Paris as a teenager, she lived its culture and made her own the French and international mentality of the Ville Lumière. She studies in Paris and learns French and English. Distinct nationalities, religions, and ethnic groups lay the first foundations for the internationalization work that will trace her entire professional history

Very young, she began her career as a hostess and translator. Communication becomes her profession: she works in an agency that deals with sponsorships for major brands, such as Nestlé concentrated milk and Grana Padano (sponsor products of the Italian national gymnastics and mountain bikes) assisting the manager of the events in the organization and personnel management.

Since 1993 Barbara has been involved in promoting some companies in the graphic arts sector, consolidating significant experiences in customer management and working with the major world advertising agencies in Milan.

A few years later she set up an international sales office in Paris for five companies in the graphic arts sector (paper converting, rotary, flatbed, direct-marketing, shopper, gadgets).

In 2005 she also began working for other product sectors, expanding her direct experience to other types of products and promoting companies in Italy and France with the IncontriGusto and IncontriModa projects.

Barbara de Siena’s experience was forged from 1990 to 1996 where she simultaneously worked as a legal assistant where she learned to read and write international contracts and manage a legal office: organization and legal. With some companies you have learned to sell in various countries abroad and in Italy with different techniques, preparing price lists and sector studies in different product categories. Then the discovery of Africa … the rest is history.

Go abroad and exports can give companies a second life

A good internationalization strategy can truly change the fate of companies.

So exporting, finding partners or doing joint ventures can broaden the market for any company.


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