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Call to action UP2gether rendez-vousAgri-food projects are very important in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, in which we have been operating since 2009. For example, there are vast areas of investment to reduce the losses of products once they have been harvested. . By strengthening the cold chain and processing systems in addition to packaging, we can have successful businesses, jobs, and a more varied and healthy diet for all.

UP2gether progetto coltivazione Senegal

Vegetables in Senegal

The agricultural company in Senegal has agricultural land and know-how for the cultivation of okra, onion, sweet potato, potato, chili, African eggplant, melon, pumpkin, watermelon.
They can also grow other types of greens and vegetables on demand.

Import Export frutta da e per l'Africa con UP2gethr

Import-export of fruits and vegetables

The fertile soils and the best temperatures allow us to have fruits and vegetables even outside our normal seasonality. It is, therefore, possible to have fresh fruits and vegetables out of season on our tables, creating jobs in developing countries.

Allevamento e pesca in Africa con UP2gether

Breeding and fishing

Livestock and fisheries and their processing, refrigeration, logistics, and distribution chains present multiple development opportunities, creating wealth both for the sale of products in the country and in the African Continental Free Trade Area recently created by the African Union.

10 reasons to invest in a senior residence in Fuerteventura

Corralejo is an increasingly popular tourist destination, and with the growing demand for healthcare services and aged care, opening a senior residence here could offer a unique investment opportunity for those seeking to fill an important need in the local community and visitors.

Five reasons to invest in Real Estate in Fuerteventura

Overseas real estate development projects in growing markets can expand and secure your investment. Fuerteventura is an ultra-peripheral territory of Europe with a very attractive economic and fiscal regime for investments.

Nazena or how to transform textile waste into circular products

Nazena, an Italian start-up, aims to transform and give new life to textile waste, discover its story at FashionTextileBusiness on March 2nd also on our Youtube Channel
Is this the future of fashion?

G+A+Design International architecture and engineering firm

G+A+Design, the Firm of Architecture & Ingénierie, offers from 2021 a design and consulting activity in developing countries, both in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and other countries. It follows the design and construction of public or private works, with particular attention to interior and green/landscape architecture for the construction of sustainable and eco-efficient environments in particular.

Ilaria Lonardo, Trademark Attorney

The UP2gether Network, a project by Barbara de Siena, begins a collaboration with Ilaria Lonardi, Avvocato Marchi to accompany and advise companies on their internationalization paths

Thanks for the wishes! We’re back online

A special birthday day, which I am happy to share with so many people, whom I thank for dedicating a little of their day to me. So I just have to wish you a happy non-birthday (quote Alice in Wonderland) and Happy Easter.

A Brand Ambassador to be known and to sell abroad

An Ambassador to make the company and the products known in different markets to expand the potential of sales with digital systems are the new systems that are offered to us to internationalize.

Why Paris? Why France…

Why Paris? Why France … The UP2gether project was born from the life and professional experiences of Barbara de Siena, an Italian consultant who grew up in Paris and who has lived between many realities since she was 18 years old.

Go abroad and exports can give companies a second life

A good internationalization strategy can truly change the fate of companies.

So exporting, finding partners or doing joint ventures can broaden the market for any company.


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