UP2gether is the relationship project born from my work in accompanying companies on internationalization paths since 1998. My name is Barbara de Siena, I am an Italian consultant. And I’m French-speaking, like a third of the countries in the world: the part of the planet where I work.
Thanks to my experience in the field and my network of international contacts, I have selected some of the most promising areas for real estate investments and have created a team of highly qualified partners to support my clients at every stage. In 2022 I moved to the Canaries to assist entrepreneurs even more effectively.

My international experience and the creation of Excipio

Barbara de Siena direttrice di Excipio by Carpe Mundi

During my stay in the Canaries, I discovered a new opportunity for my non-European clients, the Golden Visa. The purchase of a real estate for at least €500,000 allows entrepreneurs and investors to become residents of Spain and travel and work in Europe to better carry out their business. To carry out this project I needed a local partner who was already well established, after a very careful selection and a bit of luck I met the Carpe Mundi real estate agency and its owners.

As an expert, I have decided to invest in Fuerteventura myself and to collaborate with the Carpe Mundi real estate agency to offer my clients the same opportunity. Together with this important agency, we have created the Excipio project, which aims to present real estate opportunities abroad and to create a network of highly qualified and professional partners.

Carpe Mundi è la migliore agenzia di Fuerteventura, ed oltre ad appartamenti, case e ville vi propone anche una vasta gamma di investimenti immobiliari di lusso. La squadra internazionale dell’agenzia è la base strategica per la creazione della rete che porterà i migliori professionisti a far fare investimenti nel campo immobiliare sull’isola dell’arcipelago delle Canarie.
Agenzia Immobiliare Carpe Mundi a Corralejo

Thanks to their field experience and my knowledge of emerging markets in Africa, we have been able to create a winning partnership that allows us to offer our clients comprehensive and personalized advice on the best property investments both in the Canary Islands and abroad.

The advantages of investing in the Canary Islands and in particular in Fuerteventura

The Canary Islands are one of the most promising areas for real estate investment in Europe, thanks to a unique combination of tax advantages, political and economic stability, modern infrastructure, and a strategic geographical location. In particular, the island of Fuerteventura offers great potential for development thanks to its mild climate all year round, its splendid beaches, and its volcanic landscape.

One of the main tax advantages for investors in the Canary Islands is represented by the preferential tax regime of the ZEC (Zona Especial Canaria). The ZECs – special economic zones – offer companies a series of fiscal and administrative advantages, including preferential taxation. Political and economic stability is another important factor for investors. The Canaries are an autonomous and ultra-peripheral region of Spain with an expanding tourist sector and modern infrastructure. The island of Fuerteventura has a modern international airport that connects the island to the rest of Europe, as well as an efficient road and public transport network.

The island is investing in the creation of new tourist and sports infrastructure, such as golf courses and marinas.

The Canary Islands presented by UP2gether

Located halfway between Europe, Africa, and Latin America, the Canaries offer a natural trade bridge between the markets of Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Furthermore, the island of Fuerteventura is situated close to West Africa and therefore offers privileged access to this emerging market which can benefit from Spain’s Plan Africa.

My field experience in Africa and the creation of UP2getherBuilding

UP2getherBuilding was born as a project in 2019 following the event I organized for the Embassy of Senegal in Milan and starts again after these complicated years to offer our prospects the opportunity to explore real estate opportunities in the countries where we work (Canaries, sub-Africa -western Saharan, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain directly with my team) and to find the most suitable solution for their needs.

The experience gained on the African continent has also helped me understand how the real estate market can be one of the most promising sectors for investment in Africa. Increasing urbanization and population growth are increasing the demand for housing, office, retail space, and infrastructure across the region, opening up attractive opportunities for investors.

As a long-standing consultant specializing in accompanying companies on internationalization paths, I have developed extensive experience in the field in Africa and in particular in some of the most promising areas of the continent. This experience has allowed me to build a vast network of contacts and knowledge in African countries, which represents an important advantage for client entrepreneurs who intend to invest in Africa or develop their businesses in this region. This combination of experience and knowledge represents a great added value for those looking for investment or work opportunities abroad.

Thanks to our vast network of local partners, we can guarantee a complete and personalized service, from the search for the property, professionals, personnel, and suppliers to legal and tax assistance.

UP2gether is following some financed real estate projects for which we have the task of finding companies in the whole range of suppliers in the construction, architecture, and design sector, analyzing them, and passing all the documentation to the real estate developer.

I am convinced that UP2getherBuilding represents a unique opportunity for those wishing to invest and work in the Real Estate field abroad, and I am thrilled to be able to offer this service to companies and professionals.

Barbara de Siena


UP2getherBuilding will mainly have 3 pillars:

  1. The selection for some projects financed in sub-Saharan Africa (Gulf of Guinea) of suppliers for the construction of various civil and industrial real estate projects for inclusion in a list of accredited suppliers for General Contractors.
  2. Participation in some trade fairs, and communication with potential direct customers, architects, and builders in the reference countries within the UP2getherBuilding project.
  3. The launch of the UP2getherBuilding online community platform will allow the presentation of products and services in the sector in a network that will include the elite of the sector for events, webinars, and B2B.