UP2gether Global Business Boost in Italy and abroad

Corporate Concierge Services

UP2gether Corporate Concierge Services

At UP2gether, as Global Business Boost, we are committed to providing high-level consulting services and making a team of experienced professionals from various sectors and geographical areas available to our clients.

This sets us apart: not just a network, but a cohesive team of professionals ready to support companies in their journey towards global success.

UP2gether’s GBB services

  • Projects abroad
  • Events, manifestations, and missions
  • Mag, the UP2gether’s blog
  • Networking with UP2gether
  • International relations
  • Communication for Sales
  • Export Specialist
  • Digital Export Specialist
UP2gether Overseas project (abroad)
Up2gether Events, missions and manifestations
"Mag" The UP2gether Blog
Up2gether networking
Up2gether International Relations
Communicate to sell with UP2gether
UP2gether your Export Specialist
UP2gether Digital Export Specialist

The new UP2gether services for companies to sell in Italy and abroad are now online. The digitization of some services allows for faster, less expensive communication that gets straight to the point.

Today, communication makes a difference alongside a company’s production and commercial capabilities and those of its representatives.

Traveling abroad

Organizing a professional trip requires attention and careful analysis to avoid mistakes. Know before planning your trip: do you need a visa? Here you can find out if your passport automatically allows you to enter a country or if you need to apply for an entry visa:

Click here to find out.

Go abroad and exports can give companies a second life

A good internationalization strategy can truly change the fate of companies.

So exporting, finding partners or doing joint ventures can broaden the market for any company.


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