Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco: made up of seven major and other minor islands, all of volcanic origin, which form an Autonomous Community of Spain. There are two capitals: Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Let’s discover the Canary Islands together

Le Canarie con UP2getherThe Canary Islands – Autonomous Community of Spain – are recognized by Europe and therefore there are eight reasons to invest here:

  • it is a stable European country
  • it has a growing economy and a ZEC Zona Especial Canaria with a reduced tax regime
  • it has human resources of different nationalities who speak several languages
  • modern infrastructures exist and are very well connected to both Europe and Africa
  • they have a legal and fiscal framework that encourages investment
  • it is privileged access to the markets of the African continent and to the international ones
  • it can offer a high quality of life with a mild climate all year round
  • they provide a very attractive business climate

Some activities are strategic for the Canary Islands

  • Environment, ecology, recycling, transformation
  • Handicraft
  • Automation, technology, electronics, information technology, ITC and innovation, robotics (research and development)
  • Pharmaceuticals: cultivation and processing, biotechnology, and health sciences
  • SMEs
  • Communication, audiovisual
  • Theme parks
  • Air, naval and aeronautical sector
  • Real estate sector for renovation and recovery
  • Services for companies and individuals, e-commerce, call-centers, training and e-learning, health and therapeutic assistance
  • Trading, import/export, wholesale, logistics, brokerage
  • High-level tourism

The Canary Islands presented by UP2gether

The ZEC, Zona Especial Canaria

Ley 19/1994, de 6 de julio, de modificación del Régimen Económico y Fiscal de Canarias.




Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Official language

Political form
Autonomous Community of Spain

National holiday
12 October: Spanish National Day

Each island of the Canary Islands also has its own public holidays:

February 2
Our Lady of Candelaria

La Palma
5th August
Our Lady of the Snows

Gran Canaria
September 8
Our Lady of the Pine

September 15
Our Lady of Sorrows

3 Saturday in September
Our Lady of the Peña

El Hierro
September 24
Our Lady of the Kings

La Gomera
Monday following the first Saturday of October
Our Lady of Guadalupe

Over 2,000,000 inhabitants


Telephone indicative
+34 928 or 922

Internet code

Atlantic Ocean

Documents and visas
ID card from European countries

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