Centergross, wholesale citadel of Made in Italy

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The Centergross, one of the most important international centers for the sectors technology, services and fashion, this year celebrates 40 years.

foto aerea Centergross

The data clearly telling us of its importance: an area of 1,000,000 m2, 6,000 employees and approximately 700 companies, of which two-thirds related to Fast Fashion Made in Italy.

Presidente Lucia Gazzotti

The President of  Centergross Lucia Gazzotti

For years the Centergross political aims on the Internationalization with a modern vision. The District wants to offer its companies a wide range of opportunities not only consolidating the markets where they are already present such as Russia, Switzerland, China, France, Germany and Austria, but also making some important actions of scouting that could give interesting opportunities also in long term as Iran and Africa.

The quality and variety of the offer that the District offers more than 1.7 million buyers, both Italians and foreigners who visit each year the Centergross, creates a combined turnover of 5 billion euros, which qualifies it as a real Wholesale hub. With the Metropolitan City of Bologna and the Excellencies of the Territory, the Centergross promotes, through its activities, growth opportunities and investments from Italy and abroad.

Le boutique francesi al Centergross con Barbara de Siena

The collaboration of Barbara de Siena with Centergross for French-speaking markets beginning in March 2012 where the FNH Fédération Nationale de l’Habillement visiting the District with the representatives of its boutique to purchase in Bologna.


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