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Executive Flights, Swiss company with an experience of over 25 years in private aviation for executive flights and charter is based in Lugano-Agno airport.

It has the staff, knowledge and resources that allow it to offer a wide range of customized solutions for all your aviation needs, with aircraft from 4 up to 250 seats.

You can relax and fly around the world!
Appreciate your privacy and experience the fastest and most comfortable flight.

«Our goal is to offer the best solution for the needs of our clients. Fulfilling your needs is our top priority and we measure our success by your satisfaction. The collaboration with  Barbara de Siena for African countries dates back to several years, so we decided to follow her in UP2gether Business Center de Dakar, that will only increase a job that has already been positive.” says Marcus Candinas, Directeur Manager of Executive Flights & Services.


Executive Flights


  • Air Taxi and Charter Flights
    Designed to offer an exclusive and highly professional service with a wide selection of aircrafts availables to respond to your needs.
  • Aircraft Management
    Quality and reliability are extremely important elements in private aviation. To ensure the ultimate in security and availability is essential to respond to the highest standards of management. Exclusive Flights Aircraft Management is able to develop and offer a management program designed to meet the need for an optimal support. technical supervision and administrative organization of flights: a targeted and professional management.
  • Global service
    To meet your needs, we offer a wide range of complementary services: services such as helicopters, limousines or yachts: a tailored support to meet your specific needs.
  • Aircraft Sales
    Decide which aircraft meets your personal needs can be a difficult decision. With the experience and the Executive Flights specialists it is able to assess the aircraft you are comfortable with. You will be assisted and will carry out all the necessary procedures to enable you to realize your purchase by analyzing the technical conditions, organizing the recording and comparing the costs of operation and maintenance as well as all aircraft performance criteria. With Executive Flights you will have a reliable, qualified and professional partner who will assist you from the beginning of the project up to when running the first flight with your own plane.


The fleet

Your safety and your comfort above all!
Executive Flights will help you select the most profitable aircraft and appropriate depending on your itinerary and your requirements. The fleet at your disposal, which includes aircraft of the most advanced and reliable in the world, has a wide range of jets, turboprops and helicopters.

falcon 7 dassaultHowever, if you want to travel on a different plane from those available, we can offer you any appliance from 4 to 250 people thanks to our cooperation with selected partners.

On board you will find every comfort with personalized cabin service, catering and drinks for every taste. The pilots of Exclusive Flights are highly qualified and have a great experience to offer you a flexible and professional service.

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