The activity of the Digital Export Specialist leads companies to increase the use of digital tools by adapting them to the specific needs of the Customer, above all by analyzing the dynamics of international trade in relation to the target market. The activity carried out must broaden the corporate vision, implement digital marketing tools and use online platforms to expand business relationships with a targeted digital marketing strategy, making online business competitive.

Digital Export Academy UP2gether di Barbara de Siena


The website is certainly the best showcase for a company to sell abroad, but it must have some very specific characteristics to give good visibility to your company and your products.

In order to enable you to better internationalize your website, it must know and intercept the needs you intend to satisfy and everything must be translated into the language and according to the phraseologies prevalent in the target markets.


The choice of the right marketplace, different according to the target countries where the company intends to sell abroad, must be made on rational parameters that come from a careful analysis of the company, the product sector, an in-depth analysis of the product to understand how the competition is sold in the prefigured countries to understand its effective validity.

Amazon, Alibaba, the Facebook Marketplace, Jumia, Wallmart, FNAC, La Redoute, Rakuten, Zalando, Naspers, AliExpress, and many others depending on the countries you choose.

UP2gether Digital Export manager propone l'omnicanalità


The online sale requires an exact knowledge of the distribution system that you want to use to present a global strategy for the sale of the customer’s products abroad. An e-commerce site for internationalization can be a useful tool if created in the local languages spoken by the target markets.


SEO Search Engine Optimization is all that work that is carried out in a site to “be found”, consists of a complicated series of actions that aim to obtain … it is useless that here we tell you what many eminent professionals have already said.

Social Media Manager – SMM

The Social Media Manager manages the communication of companies and public figures on social networks, also participating in the drafting of the Communication Plan (strategic planning of contents up to the creation of posts, the choice of social platforms and their moderation, advertising, budget, and subsequent measurement of the activities that have taken place). They work together with his team which can be composed of a Community Manager who manages the community and company profiles by putting into practice the choices of the SMM, in the larger structures he works together with a Copy, the Art Director, and Account Manager.

Very important in the work of SMM to bring companies to sell abroad the perfect knowledge of the local language, habits, and customs to avoid mistakes as, sometimes, even large companies can make.

Corporate identity

The image that the company provides through its brand has been a matter of discussion for centuries, and I believe I cannot add anything else, except the importance of making communication coincide with what the company wants to convey.
This is absolutely essential when working in multiple countries, with different languages, habits, customs, and traditions. The strategy that the company puts in place must also verify these parameters before presenting itself abroad.

Go abroad and exports can give companies a second life

A good internationalization strategy can truly change the fate of companies.

So exporting, finding partners, or doing joint ventures can broaden the market for any company.


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