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Buyers in the fashion industry play a pivotal role in ensuring that a company offers appealing and competitive products to customers, thereby contributing to the brand’s success in the market. They are professionals entrusted with the task of selecting and procuring products to be sold in physical stores, department stores, or online platforms, ensuring that their assortment is attractive, aligned with the brand’s identity, and caters to customer needs. In multi-brand pret-a-porter stores, this decision-making process becomes even more intricate and significant as it is the very source of the store’s image.

In family-owned businesses, this role often overlaps with that of the store owner, who holds the responsibility for the business’s continuity and growth. Therefore, the search for reliable suppliers is a fundamental aspect of their work.

For this reason, IncontriModa, a project aimed at promoting fashion manufacturing companies within Prêt-à-Porter boutiques, which started in 2008, will resume this year following numerous inquiries from French boutiques.

La storia del progetto IncontriModa di Lemadenitalie di Barbara de Siena riparte con UP2gether

UP2gether continues the work initiated by Barbara de Siena, which began with the accompaniment of Bologna Moda | 40 Italian companies to the PAPP Prêt-à-Porter Paris from September 6 to 9, 2007.

Following this event and the meeting with Marc Nécand, we have developed missions in collaboration with the FNH | Fédération Nationale de l’Habillement and the major Italian Pronto Moda production centers: the Centergross in Bologna and the CIS in Nola, where we conducted multiple trips with French, Belgian, and Swiss buyers.

IncontriModa avec Barbara de Siena et le Pret-a-porter

Even today, we continue to receive weekly requests for assistance. Therefore, with the companies that have already chosen to be our partners in the world of fashion, we announce that IncontriModa is relaunching.

We have already created a dedicated WhatsApp channel for Prêt-à-porter and Women’s Pronto Moda to communicate directly with Francophone buyers, and a channel for English-speaking customers will be created shortly.

In the context of omnichannel strategies aimed at reaching the largest number of buyers in the shortest time possible, we have also created a Facebook page:, which will focus on promoting companies, events, and products to international, French-speaking buyers. The English pages are under preparation.

We are currently in the beta phase of rechecking all the contact information, both for buyers (a database of over 6,000 contacts) and manufacturers (in 5 cities: Milan, Modena, Bologna, Prato, Naples, and possibly the Marche region for shoes; export consortia and their associates, as well as industry trade fairs). Anyone interested in the sector can contact us to participate in the IncontriModa project.

Logo IncontriModa pagina social Facebook per il Pret-a-porter donna e Pronto Moda su Facebook
IncontriModa buyer and customer, producer of the fashion districts

Barbara de Siena was born in the city of silk, Como, so fashion was part of her childhood when fabrics, scarves, and ties were in all the houses she frequented. Fashion was therefore her first job, a model for a company that supplied shirts to the Rinascente when she was only 15 years old, a deep and unforgettable love for fashion.

Textiles and fashion are loves that once you enter your heart, you can never forget!

Industria tessile su UP2gether

The textile sector

Cashmere and chiffon, houndstooth and silk, tweed and tulle, linen and cotton, velvet and Prince of Wales are some of the fabrics that can be used for fashion, haute couture or prêt-à-porter creations. Italy has a very ancient history both in production and in textile design and still today exports its luxury products all over the world.

Accessori e lusso su UP2gether

Accessories and Luxury

Jewelry, watches, earrings, shoes, and bags have always been a part of the wardrobes of both men and women. Goldsmith companies, footwear manufacturers, ready-to-wear fashion companies, high-end fashion houses, and the trade shows that we hope to see again soon are all part of an economic cycle that has been making us dream for as long as we can remember.


Produzione moda su UP2gether

Fashion production

The manufacture of each piece of clothing requires a stylist, who studies the trends, the fabrics, the model that will be made by a pattern maker and then moves on to the cut, and then they are sewn. Fashion is divided into two main categories: collections and ready-to-wear according to the type of distribution.

Nazena's products on UP2gether

Nazena or how to transform textile waste into circular products

Nazena, an Italian start-up, aims to transform and give new life to textile waste, discover its story at FashionTextileBusiness on March 2nd also on our Youtube Channel
Is this the future of fashion?

Go abroad and exports can give companies a second life

A good internationalization strategy can truly change the fate of companies.

So exporting, finding partners or doing joint ventures can broaden the market for any company.


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