Real estate development projects abroad, such as properties in emerging countries or in growing real estate markets, can expand and secure your investment.

The island of Fuerteventura, in the Canary archipelago, is a fascinating tourist destination, which has seen constant growth in recent years. The mild temperatures all year round lead to non-seasonal tourism, making the island an attractive option for those wishing to invest in the real estate market.

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– George Clooney

Comparison of maximum temperature in Canary Islands and elsewhere

Let’s explore 5 reasons why investing in property in Fuerteventura can be a great choice.

1. High demand for vacation homes

Fuerteventura, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Canaries, thanks to its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters – has an average occupancy rate of 68%. Real estate investors can take advantage of this strong demand for vacation homes by purchasing properties and offering them for rent to tourists throughout the year. This can ensure a steady income stream and long-term sustainable profitability.
UP2gether che temperatura fa a Fuerteventura?

2. Low taxation

The Canary Islands have a favorable tax regime for investors, which includes a lower tax rate than the European average. This means that real estate investors can benefit from a favorable tax environment, further increasing their profitability.

3. Constant economic growth

Fuerteventura is experiencing constant growth in the tourist economy, with an increase in the number of tourists visiting the island each year. This trend will continue in the coming years, with an increase in the number of international visitors. This means that the demand for holiday accommodation will increase, making property purchases an attractive option for investors.

4. Wide choice of properties

In Fuerteventura, there are numerous property options to choose from, from modern condominium apartments to spacious villas with private pools. Investors can find the property that best suits their needs and budget, increasing their chances of getting a good return on their investment.

Let’s see some investment ideas:

  • Purchase of properties for renovation
  • Purchase of properties to be demolished and rebuilt
  • Purchase of building land for the construction of new buildings
  • Investments in urban redevelopment projects
  • Investments in renovation projects of existing buildings
  • Purchase of commercial properties, such as offices, shops, and shopping centers, for the opening of a commercial company
  • Purchase of commercial properties for renovation and resale
  • Investments in construction projects for specific-use buildings, such as hospitals, homes for the elderly, hotels, etc.
  • Investments in residential building construction projects, such as houses and apartments, for their resale or rental
  • Purchase of properties for long-term rentals, such as houses, apartments, offices, and shops
  • Investments in industrial and commercial area development projects, such as industrial parks and logistics centers
Last but certainly not least, the Canaries have a very interesting REF Economic and Fiscal Regime.

5. Business-friendly environment

The Canary Islands have a favorable climate for business, with a wide range of tax breaks and special regimes for foreign investors. Furthermore, the island of Fuerteventura has a low crime rate and a stable business environment, making it a great option for investors who want to invest safely.
Agenzia Immobiliare Carpe Mundi a Corralejo

Carpe Mundi Real Estate Agency in Corralejo © Carpe Mundi

This led UP2gether to look for an important partner in the area that would allow us to have the best for our customers. And we found it. Thus was born the collaboration with the real estate agency Carpe Mundi, and the Excipio project, of which Barbara de Siena is Business Developer.

The project aims to create an international network of real estate agencies and entrepreneurs to offer the best of the Canary Islands to the most demanding investors: a luxury real estate project, a holiday villa, and rental apartments.

UP2gether, with its international experience, is accompanying many African and Asian entrepreneurs to verify the opportunities of the Golden Visa.
The step from the Canary Islands to Africa is natural – and some real estate investment projects that bring work, development and training, and health projects – are being prepared, born from the collaboration with the architect Angelo Giabbai of Pisa who has experience over ten years in the civil and industrial building sector in African countries.

Spain’s Plan Africa also makes it possible to accompany some of these projects if they are subject to certain rules.

“The brick is a safe and reliable choice for those who want to invest wisely.”
– Warren Buffett


Investi in immobiliare in Fuerteventura con UP2gether di Barbara de Siena
Barbara de Siena UP2gether

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