Copertina Guida Export UP2gether per il Senegal


A series of “Guides for working abroad” in French-speaking countries in Europe and Africa, which will aim to support companies and entrepreneurs in their internationalization projects.

First writing job by Barbara de Siena, who has been working and living in many foreign countries since 1996, passionate about travel and public relations since … she was born.

The Guide will also contain a directory of companies, institutions, professionals and the stories of the Country that we tell, do you want to be present? Fill out the form below and tell us how you would like to participate. Your card will be examined by our UP2gether Committee and you will be contacted to formalize your registration.

L’estero e le esportazioni possono dare una seconda vita alle aziende italiane

Una buona strategia di internazionalizzazione può veramente cambiare le sorti delle nostre imprese.

Quindi esportare, trovare dei partner o fare delle joint-venture può allargare il mercato di ogni azienda.


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