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Incontrimoda by UP2gether for fashion buyers in Italy

The IncontriModa meetings
are restarting to bring buyers
to purchase fashion and accessories
in Italy:
we have been to Milan and Bologna.

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    International Relationship Platform


      Barbara de Siena‘s experience as an internationalization consultant began in 1998.

      Expert professionalism that has led abroad over 300 companies that have found:

      • new markets for their products
      • technical partners for their projects
      • joint venture for new entrepreneurial adventures
      International Relationship Platform

      The most interesting product sectors to internationalize

      A careful market analysis indicates to the companies which are the product sectors that most interest so depending on the product of the company, the target country, the particularly interesting supply chains are certainly the following:

      Agro-food supply chain

      Construction industry

      Renewable energies

      Industry and machinery

      Fashion and textile

      Health and welfare


      Professional services

      UP2gether Export Lounge on TV

      Internationalize online with UP2gether

      UP2gether is launching a new international television broadcast on the A2i Naija TV digital network:
      UP2gether Export Lounge” is the TV program created and presented by Barbara de Siena that allows companies and professionals to present their product and not only in African countries as it will also be distributed on our Youtube channel, on our Facebook page, and on that of A2i Naija TV and on our Instagram account.

      International Relationship

      What they say about Me

      Traveling is like being part of many lives and my profession has given me many opportunities in this sense, here are some partners I have met over the years and who have left their impression on Linkedin:

      Lorenzo Patti

      Lorenzo Patti

      I was Barbara’s Commercial Director in 1998 and she already had a completely different idea of mktg from all the other sellers and with really excellent results. I stayed in touch with you following your plans.  She always surprises me with her problem-solving skills: she analyzes and solves every problem that submits to her and if she does not know the solution she looks for it, finding it most of the time. Her organizational and interpersonal skills are undoubted, she is an excellent consultant who never leaves you without the necessary support in your projects in Italy or abroad.

      Giulio Maria Spreti

      Giulio Maria Spreti

      A serious and competent professional in the field of internationalization. I saw her at work in various fields related or not to her consultancy activity for companies that aspire to approach new markets and I must say that I have rarely observed such meticulous care in the implementation of projects and in their ‘grounding’. But Barbara’s skills don’t stop there! Thanks to her knowledge of languages and different markets, Barbara is able to follow companies both in specific internationalization projects and in those related to the domestic market.

      Giacomo Pomati ILAS Network

      Giacomo Pomati

      I collaborated with Barbara both as President of EURODEFI and as a partner of Studio PSM. BARBARA proved to be a very valid reference, for professional competence, breadth of views and relationships, resilience, and ability to challenge each other.

      Francesco Mansi

      Francesco Mansi

      Barbara, a humanly extraordinary person, knows how to relate to the client in an effective way. Thanks to her interventions and her advice collected from customers, we were able as a team to make additions and corrections to the software in the various releases which, in addition to saving us time, have increased its functionality.

      Franco Fornasari foto

      Franco Fornasari

      Barbara is a pragmatic, intelligent and capable partner for business development activities. She combines a relentless working style with great attention to details, knowledge of the field in which she operates (West Africa), and high motivation and capacity to meet tight deadlines. I think Barbara is great to work with. 

      Luigi Castagna foto

      Luigi Castagna

      Barbara is awake: she assimilates immediately and adds her quid to every proposal she receives. In short, she is endowed with intellectual vivacity, friendliness, and determination. I always feel it with great pleasure

      Amanda Bertrandias

      Amanda Bertrandias

      Barbara de Siena: a great spirit of initiative, eclectic and professional.

      Bruno Colucci foto

      Bruno Colucci

      Barbara turns out to be professionally very good! BC

      Vincenzo Giordano

      Vincenzo Giordano

      Barbara, extraordinary consultant for all opportunities on the African continent. She is a serious, responsible person, she deeply knows both the opportunities and the risks and is able to provide real and operational advice. Its direct, linguistic, and operational skills in Africa make it an essential partner for all entrepreneurs who wish to invest in these countries, and who need to know deeply the cultural, linguistic, and professional differences with respect to foreign markets.

      Patrizia Suzzi foto

      Patrizia Suzzi

      I met Barbara in Paris during an edition of the PAP with a large group of Italian companies and she miraculously helped us to solve many technical and organizational problems. She is a very helpful person and her competence in the clothing sector is equal to her knowledge of the French fashion circuit. She later created for us a series of meetings with the French Boutiques at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Paris, which were followed by various “missions” in Italy. Her great organizational spirit, her perfect command of the language, and her tireless enthusiasm make her the perfect partner to have in French territory.

      Go abroad and exports can give companies a second life

      A good internationalization strategy can truly change the fate of companies.

      So exporting, finding partners or doing joint ventures can broaden the market for any company.


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