Working, exporting, selling abroad, and bringing companies to internationalize is not a profession that can be invented or carried out only by intermediary firms. It is very important to have personal and professional knowledge of the places you recommend to companies in order to better advise Customers.
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International relations in French-speaking countries

Knowledge of State policies is very important in order to be able to advise a company or investor on where to invest. To create a sales network by investing in advertising or in its staff. Barbara de Siena has spent more than half of her life abroad in contact with professionals from countries where UP2gether supports its Clients.

Market studies and sector studies (Europe – Africa)

A market or sector analysis is absolutely necessary, before even considering investing in an internationalization process. This of course after having studied the company, its products, or services to avoid an unnecessary, even dangerous, route for companies.

Economic, sectoral, and administrative information

It is essential to be able to know the partners and potential customers, the local and sectoral laws to guarantee a correct and profitable process in internationalization projects.

Assistance in the selection of foreign locations

The analysis of the Countries to go-to for companies, before making any decision on where to internationalize, is the basis of the internationalization work.

Support and assistance in the selection of local staff

Knowledge of local labor laws and international contracts allows for better management of personnel and will allow an adequate choice for the company. UP2gether can support companies in these steps.

Search for qualified contacts in different sectors

In overseas projects it is very important to have professionals and qualified contacts in the key areas of the project, the UP2gether network can help you find the right people.

Assistance in participating in local and international public and private calls for tenders

An extremely interesting sector is that of national and international tenders, both private and public. Knowledge of the rules and the ability to call on specific professionals for the various activities provide Customers with quality service.

Fundraising, loans, and bank guarantees

Following an idea, entrepreneurs or start-ups must then raise the funds for the new adventure. We often forget the importance of an adequate presentation of the project and a Business Plan that can reassure potential investors.
Once the basic documentation has been prepared, it must then be adapted to the different structures and institutions to which the project will be discussed and submitted.

Organization of trade missions and B2B business meetings

Barbara de Siena, Founder of the project UP2gether, has been organizing missions and business meetings for over 20 years in Italy for foreign companies and abroad for Italian and international companies. From 2021, these activities are evolving a lot on digital, which is why UP2gether is evolving.

Welcoming delegations of international entrepreneurs (Europe – Africa)

The logistics of a foreign delegation require a lot of attention to the customs and traditions of the country from which people arrive. It also demands flexibility and the ability to change things at the last minute without creating discomfort for the participants. It is also a particularly interesting adventure if there is the ability to share and learn from our guests, explains Barbara de Siena: “I would like to thank the people I have met during these years of activity. because I learned a lot from my guests “.

Contacts with international and local institutions

Weaving a network of contacts with International and Local Institutions is a necessary structure to be able to support Customers in a profitable journey adapted to each product and specific project.

Contacts with international and local financial institutions

To support businesses, we must know and be able to interact with local financial structures, but also international.

Go abroad and exports can give companies a second life

A good internationalization strategy can truly change the fate of companies.

So exporting, finding partners or doing joint ventures can broaden the market for any company.


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