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UP2gether, an international group of professionals and companies led by Barbara de Siena – Founder of the initiative – has supported international projects since 1998, mainly in Europe and Africa.

In assisting our Clients we carefully select information, markets, sectors, and opportunities, especially in the African continent where reliable sources are more difficult to recognize.

Collaborating with international realities allows our structure to have mandates to present programs of different natures.

The main Divisions of our working group correspond to the requests made to us and to the main markets present in Africa.

Up2gether moved to the Canaries,
a perfect base that is halfway

Le Canarie con UP2gether

Isole Canarie 🇪🇸

UP2gether Departement Teams

between Europe,

where was the Up2gether project born

Switzerland 🇫🇷

Belgium 🇫🇷

Luxemburg 🇫🇷

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France 🇫🇷

and the African continent

In 2021, on 1 January, the 54 African countries signed a Treaty of free African continental trade, (abbreviated Afcfta). An international agreement that regulates the creation of an area of commercial and economic free trade and the opening of borders between the African members.

Le Canarie con UP2gether


Capitale: Algeri


Capitale: Luanda

Benin 🇫🇷

Capitale: Porto-Novo


Capitale: Gaborone

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Burkina Faso

Capitale: Ouagadougou


Capitale: Gitega

Camerun 🇫🇷 🇬🇧

Capitale: Yaoundé

Capo Verde 🇵🇹

Capitale: Praia

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Capitale: N’Djamena


Capitale: Moroni

Costa d’Avorio 🇫🇷

Capitale: Yamoussoukro


Capitale: Il Cairo

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Capitale: Asmara


Capitale: Addis Abeba

Gabon 🇫🇷

Libreville: Gabon

Gambia 🇬🇧

Capitale: Banjul

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Ghana 🇫🇷

Capitale: Accra


Capitale: Gibuti

Guinea 🇫🇷

Capitale: Conakry

Guinea Bissau 🇵🇹

Capitale:  Bissau

Le Canarie con UP2gether

Guinea Equatoriale

Capitale: Malabo


Capitale: Nairobi


Capitale: Maseru


Capitale: Monrovia

Le Canarie con UP2gether


Capitale: Tripoli


Capitale: Antananarivo


Capitale: Lilongwe


Capitale: Bamako

Le Canarie con UP2gether


Capitale: Rabat


Capitale: Nouakchott


Capitale: Port Louis


Capitale: Maputo

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Capitale: Windhoek


Capitale: Niamey


Capitale: Abuja

RD Congo 🇫🇷

Capitale: Kinshasa

Le Canarie con UP2gether

R. Centrafricana

Capitale: Bangui

Congo 🇫🇷

Capitale: Brazzaville


Capitale: Kigali

Sao Tomé e Principe

Capitale: Sao Tomé

Le Canarie con UP2gether

Senegal 🇫🇷

Capitale: Dakar


Capitale: Victoria

Sierra Leone

Capitale: Freetown


Capitale: Mogadiscio

Le Canarie con UP2gether


Città del Capo, Pretoria, Bloemfontein


Capitale: Khartum

Sudan del Sud

Capitale: Giuba


Mbabane, Lobamba

Le Canarie con UP2gether


Capitale: Dodoma

Togo 🇫🇷

Capitale: Lomé


Capitale: Tunisi


Capitale: Kampala

Le Canarie con UP2gether


Capitale: Lusaka


Capitale: Harare

Once the countries have been hypothesized, some questions must be asked. We must understand which tools are already present and which we must look for to “build” a strategy.

With careful market analysis, all information on target countries has been collected, you can start working to choose the best international project for companies.

Market research becomes indispensable before going abroad. It is a process that must be carefully built in order to bring advantages to the company and make it grow in a foreign market.

Book of Accredited Suppliers

At UP2gether, we are selecting companies in the construction sector on behalf of some of our customers.

The companies that present a series of defined parameters will be included, following careful analysis, in the Accredited Suppliers Book for civil and industrial building projects in Africa, some of these fully financed.

The Community

Architects, builders, material, furniture, and design manufacturers will finally have a platform to showcase their products and services.

The UP2getherBuilding platform will offer the Community various communication tools such as newsletters, press releases, and participation in sector-specific B2B fairs, aimed at identifying and reaching the buyer persona for a personalized path towards internationalization.

UP2gether is pleased to introduce UP2gether Lounge, an innovative communication platform that connects customers, suppliers, and stakeholders from all over the world. We will become a community that offers the opportunity to participate in online and physical events, establish direct B2B connections, and leverage the strength of the group.

Just like the purpose of UP2gether, which means growing together!

Barbara has always believed in the power of networking, as evidenced by the increasingly strong relationships built with professionals worldwide over time. Each of us, in turn, has a network that leads to UP2gether, making teamwork our strength.

With UP2gether Lounge, you can easily create tailored events for your target audience, whether it’s an exclusive event or open to the public. The platform also provides a wide range of marketing and promotional tools to ensure maximum visibility and attendance at your events.

Furthermore, the first Mission UP2getherBuilding will be launched – a section of the platform dedicated to the construction and real estate sector, the foundation of all other sectors. It will handle project discovery, supplier selection for funded projects, and provide personalized support for companies interested in African markets.

Thanks to this feature, UP2gether Lounge becomes your ideal partner for expanding your business in Africa.

UP2getherBuilding Africa 2023-24

1 year of communication for the Community of the Construction and Real Estate sector

On Tuesday 9 May 2023, Barbara de Siena will have the pleasure of presenting the UP2gether Lounge on LinkedIn.

The project was conceived in 2019 after the success of the event organized in Milan for the Embassy of Senegal (3éme Forum Economique du Sénégal en Italie).

The presence of hundreds of entrepreneurs demonstrated the interest that companies had in this continent and prompted us – with a process that began in 2014 in Milan, in collaboration with Assomoda (see the playlist of speeches here) – to continue promoting the extraordinary opportunities of Africa.

The UP2getherBuilding in Africa 2023/2024 event is over but we have just started, are you interested in working in Africa? Contact us to have your company analyzed and entered into our Certified Supplier Book today.

Go abroad and exports can give companies a second life

A good internationalization strategy can truly change the fate of companies.

So exporting, finding partners or doing joint ventures can broaden the market for any company.


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