Networking? to be or to make a community? this is the dilemma!

Today, getting together, moving, and traveling in Europe have become even more complicated and difficult to plan.

Companies need to have a strategy that allows them to plan appointments and calendars, participate in events and exhibitions in order to meet new contacts, find partners and new customers. In recent months we have attended and listened to thousands of hours of webinars that talked about everything, we signed up with our email to hundreds of free courses that wanted to sell us an endless series of training that would have made us rich without working; and we are all a little fed up.

Always in touch with the Up2gether Community

We want simplicity, to recover real contacts, and to start working well again with criteria and results.

But are we forced to start running around the globe like crazy as we did before?

I think not, or at least I think I will do it differently.
A large chunk of our time was lost in taxis, buses, trains, and planes. For just one appointment we crossed valleys and seas and then perhaps realized that we had wasted time and money without talking about the physical and moral fatigue that this could bring us.

Is it really bad that appointments can be made via video conferencing?

What do you think?

I think not, the human part is also behind a video, and relationships were also built on the phone, I work with people I only know by phone for over 15 years and I have maintained relationships with friends in various parts of the world by phone for years. Why not do it professionally?

In recent months I have met professionals and companies of all kinds who proposed solutions that were closest, I hoped, to a new system to restart my work. Searching for solutions to find contacts with my customers, to put them in relation, to make round tables of work and conferences were to speak with speakers and speakers, put them in contact and work together.



Finally a few weeks ago I found what I was looking for.

My team and I got to work to prepare you a work tool that would allow us to start working again in an effective, more environmentally friendly way (by limiting travel to the bare essentials, we respect the environment more by lowering our ecological footprint ), allowing us a better life, closer to our families.

Italyinsmartworking su UP2getherInstead of reading on the train or plane, we can do it on our sofa and be on time for our first appointment in the afternoon. We have made our homes more welcoming, creating a more humane workspace by following the advice of Italyinsmartworking, eating better, and taking advantage of our family.

And we worked harder and better!

Or at least that’s what happened to me, and to so many people I’m working with. With this I do not want to diminish the tragedy of 2020, but I believe that we must try to find something positive so as not to think that all this was just a battle that we have not been able to win.

I believe that entrepreneurs and companies all have the same desire to start over, hungry to work and to bring company products abroad again to sell, do business, and find new partners.

I have it and I’m working on a project that will allow all of this.

The UP2gether Community is born.

Over the years my work has already created a so-called “Community”, they are all those people who have worked and work with me to bring companies abroad, accompany them on their internationalization and export paths. They are professionals, local and international companies, industry media that deal with providing updated information and institutions.

We will give her a house in September!

Albero sito della Community di UP2gether

UP2gether Community Launch September 7, 2021








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Registration begins for the “UP2Day2021″ events organized by the UP2gether Community “new project to create opportunities for contacts, search for partners, suppliers and customers in French-speaking countries and in particular in French-speaking Africa. From September 2021 the communication campaign will begin.

5 October Agribusiness
12 October Construction
October 26 Fashion and Textiles
November 9 Industry and machinery
November 16 Health and Wellness
November 23 Technology


The target:

– Specialized companies
– Ministries of reference, Chambers of Commerce, Investment Agencies and Special Economic Zones in Europe and Africa
– African economic missions, consulates and embassies in Europe and Italy
– Technological and development poles (Regional, National and International)
– Universities and research centers
– Associations of the diaspora (economic and solidarity)
– Entrepreneurs in the sector

Go abroad and exports can give companies a second life

A good internationalization strategy can truly change the fate of our companies.

So exporting, finding partners or doing joint ventures can broaden the market for any company.


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