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Make an appointmentLiving and working abroad is a special adventure, which enriches life, character, lifestyle and above all teaches a different way of relating to others. Collaborating on-site with local professionals opens up avenues that a simple phone call or sometimes only postal acquaintance cannot provide. The importance of knowing personally the local customs and traditions to advise those who wish to export or work abroad is strategic and allows to have a global vision.

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It is essential to have the right tools to work with different countries: speaking languages helps to avoid misunderstandings. The workspace, wherever it is located, must-have essential qualities to provide the personal and professional well-being of the consultant. A topic we have explored in recent months with Giulio Maria Spreti, trainer and writer of the book Italyinsmartworking.

It is increasingly important to use digital tools to be able to be present internationally, with well-done translations and a structural SEO that is not left to chance. That’s why UP2gether’s services have moved to digital, maintaining the quality due to the experience in the field.


UP2gether l'importanza del network

The network

The construction of a network of professionals, organizations, and institutions during professional collaborations is the wealth of each consultant who makes it available to projects and clients.

Being able to count on a team that you know well allows you to find and create important projects with parties from different states. Knowledge of institutions, laws, special economic zones, development agencies, and chambers of commerce is part of building a network that serves to carry out missions and advice in a professional manner.


UP2gether vera passione

True passion

Travel, luxury hotels, restaurants every day are just the tip of the iceberg of this profession which requires dedication, passion, strength, and concentration. Speaking several languages on the same day and smiling even when you are sad and tired is part of everyday work. Organize and not fall asleep until a project is finished because you have to submit a call for tenders with people who speak 4 different languages and talk about contracts is exciting but also tiring and requires significant responsibility as well than studying a large amount of material, laws and more every day.
But I wouldn’t trade my work with anyone else!

Go abroad and exports can give companies a second life

A good internationalization strategy can really change a lot of our businesses.

Thus, exporting, finding partners, or setting up joint ventures can expand the market for any business.


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