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Seejay, www.seejay.cloud, is an innovative social media marketing service: it enables brands and publishers to engage in real time all social network users who are potentially interested in their offer of products, services, content.


seejay2Seejay allows to  achieve this goal through three different types of innovative actions:

– Hashtags and Keywords Campaigns: brands and publishers can send their commercial message to users of social networks who are using hashtags and keywords related to their business.
– Followers Campaigns: brands and publishers can send their commercial message to the followers of accounts related to their business (e.g. to the followers of competitors).

seejay3– Social Wall: brands and publishers can create Social Walls on hashtags, keywords, topics of their interest and can then engage users owners of the collected content by sending them notifications, thus opening a direct communication channel with these users and potential customers. Social Walls are also particularly effective for the storytelling of Events, Gatherings, Conferences, they are in fact engagement tools that generate participation and positive buzz.


2015-02Seejay has been on the market with a B2B offer since September 2015. During one year on the market, Seejay has gained trust from agencies, media centers, with an affiliate program that now counts more than 30 affiliates among the largest in Italy. Seejay can sport a portfolio of more than 100 major brands and publisher including: Rai, Tiscali, La Repubblica, Il Corriere della Sera, Il Messaggero, Sisal, Enel, Expo Milano, Amadori, Beck’s Italia, Coca Cola Italia, Universal Picture Italia, Inps, Uber Italia, Tui Europe, Rcs Group, Fernet Branca, Costa Crociere, ActionAid, Reply, Bottega Verde, Altromercato, Kellogg’s, Tiscali, Fai Italia, We bank, Comune di Firenze, Nice Spa, Randstad, Teatro Franco Parenti, Teatro alla Scala, Buongiorno Spa, Tekne Italia.


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