Companies internationalization

Since the early years of professional consultant for companies in the French market, I realized the importance of exports in the balance of our societies.
Since 2009 I was given the opportunity to work with African countries: 54 countries, 30 million square kilometers, a single continent. This is Africa!

Five of the ten nations in greater development in the world are African and thanks to globalization, the ability to reach virtually the other side of the world, even those countries currently excluded from the production process, because they are too far away or tied to a difficult socio-political situation, are proving increasingly a source and job opportunities.


Internationalization services offers by Up2gether

  • Reception of delegations of international entrepreneurs in Africa
  • Organization of trade missions and business meetings
  • Contacts with institutions and local executives
  • Contacts with the international financial institutions
  • Economic, sectoral and administrative informations
  • Support in the selection of settlement areas
  • Assistance in carrying out the necessary formalities start of economic activities
  • Assistance in locating qualified contacts in the various sectors
  • Support and assistance in the selection of local staff
  • Support for participation in public and private tenders
  • Assistance in finding loans and bank guarantees


Communication & Promotion

To be the companies consultant in different sectors assisting in international markets during fairs, missions and events, highlighted Barbara de Siena the importance of targeted and multilingual communication.

  • Press: Press and communication.
  • Drafting texts and translations.
  • Contacts with generic and sector (Economics and Finance) journalists.
  • Creating websites and blogs or pages of community.
  • Organizing events and workshops, assistance for events and exhibitions, translation and interpreting.
  • Communication and advertising assistance, agency search and selection for the promotion according to customer requirements.
  • Preparation of the advertising campaign, translation and printing.

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