The direct relationship with the consultant allows the company to have a customized product that respects the needs and the timing of the entrepreneur with a capacity of decision and an immediate implementation.

The experience of Barbara de Siena in the field of communication and marketing allows the company to obtain a global view of the internationalization project to 360° which takes account of the characteristics and the cultural diversity of the place where you want to do business .


The mission of Up2gether has always been to facilitate the internationalization of companies. With an experience of over 15 years in various areas, from food to fashion to renewable or traditional energy to constructions, Barbara and her team are able to offer capacity for synthesis and fast and accurate analysis according to the companies.


Barbara de Siena, consultant for internationalization in French-speaking countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Africa, is positioned as the ideal partner for the assistance and development of your company in these markets.

Companies can take advantage of the following services with the new UP2gether International in Brussels:

  • A pool of online professionals to encourage communication between companies and their internationalization.
  • An European Press Office and P.R. that will allow companies to better integrate and make themselves known in these strategic countries for the export of their products and services also through online advertising.
  • A Press Office and P.R. Africa that will allow companies to communicate in these new emerging countries and make themselves known also through online advertising.
  • The companies will also be able to participate in the meetings of the “UP2gether Export Lounge” which will be presented shortly.