The UP2gether Business Center Dakar is the office that can represent the Italian or European companies who are interested in the African market: a meeting place, events and Public Relations in Dakar, Senegal, with services to companies wishing to penetrate the French-speaking African market.


The Dakar african Market

The choice of Senegal is not fortuitous: Senegal is one of the areas of UEMOA* and CEDEAO, with a common destination in the customs of a potential market of 300 million customers  in 15 countries: Benin*, Burkina Faso*, Cabo Verde, Ivory Coast*, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau*, Liberia, Mali *, Niger*, Nigeria, Senegal*, Sierra Leone and Togo*.

Barbara de Siena UP2gether 14 Luglio 2016 - Milano
Barbara de Siena, UP2gether Executive Director accompanies you in Dakar


Barbara de Siena,UP2gether Executive Director, is an Italian consultant working in French-speaking  markets since 1996 and in African specifically since 2009. She will transfer to Senegal to ensure the best service and assist companies and professionals who work with UP2gether.
Some partners with whom we have been working for some time are following us in this beautiful adventure, like Executive Flights & Services  Lugano, for the lease or purchase of airplanes both executive and charter flights.


The basic contracts for our customers will be:
– A commercial domiciliation contract;
– A contract as TES Temporary Export Specialist (outsourced sales management).


Local Dakar Office will handle, among other things, the following services:
✓ domiciliation
✓ commercial management
✓ legal assistance
✓ tax assistance
✓ organization of events, showrooms and presentations
✓ rent of halls and offices
✓ rent of secretary for documents preparation
✓ translations and interpreting
✓ support for trade fairs and local events
✓ mktg, communication and P.R.

UP2gether Business Center Dakar Opening justcard

Why Senegal?
✓ Senegal is a stable country with a healthy economy and competitive system
✓ It’s privileged access to regional markets
✓  An effective banking system and quality insurance companies
✓ A legal framework and support tax
✓ A modern infrastructure

drapeau map-of-senegalSenegal, moreover, which allows a direct business between companies and customers is just 5 hours by plane from Europe and with only one hour of difference as time zone. Senegal is at the center of various maritime routes and has a real advantage for maritime transport: the goods can be at your destination in just 6 days.

What are the advantages of Senegal?
✓ Goods circulate freely
✓ Capitals move freely
✓ Labor circulates freely


Modern infrastructure for companies
Il porto di Dakar
The Port of Dakar

✓ The Port of Dakar:

✓ The Autonomous Port of Dakar that provides all the modern commodities like the best international ports.

✓ The Container terminal “Baye Niass” equipped as the best international ports and organized According to the ISO 9001 standards for quality, ISPS security, ISO 28000 for the security of the supply chain and ISO 14000 for the environment. The total area of 24 hectares with 700 meters of quay with up to 13 meters deep.

✓ The fishing port with two kilometers of quay, processing units, fish processing and freezing for fish products, as well as ice factories and various cold stores.
✓ From 2017 the new Blaise Diagne International Airport (AIBD), 47 km from Dakar, will be one of the most modern airports in Africa, scheduled for 3 million passengers it will be expanded to be able to accommodate 20 million.
Other airports make Senegal easy access for people and goods: Cap Skirring, Saint Louis and new as Touba.

The new highway of Dakar


Some interesting data

Senegal, is a country where everybody has a cell phone (14.356.055 subscribers – source: ARTP – – july 2014), is one of the most developed countries in telecommunications and internet sector.

Twenty international fairs annually makes it the most modern and attractive market for European companies who finally found a system to which they are accustomed.

✓ The international carriers are present in Dakar to support the intercontinental and regional trade linked to the port, airport and road network linking the countries of the sub-Saharan region.

✓ The cosmetics industry begins to transform from a local semi-industrial, mining is booming, as well as the construction sector.

✓ Senegal will honor the international tourism fair fierainternational tourism fair in Paris Top Resa  in September 2016.



Barbara de Siena, Executive Director of the Office of Dakar, is at your disposal for any request on this project.


We are organizing a mission in Congo (Brazzaville) for the month of October related to  the construction sector, renewable energy (photovoltaic, hydroelectric), generators. The program will be released in a few days, the  interested companies are asked to contact us via email  (

With our best regards.


Barbara de Siena
Executive Director
Tel. +33 (0)6 24 08 74 67
Tel. + 39 02 56 56 60 03

Twitter @BdS_Up2gether

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