UP2gether, founded by Barbara de Siena, organizes events, business and B2B missions, now also online.

Barbara de Siena organizza a Bologna gli IncontriModa 2012
Agribusiness UP2Day 2021 - November 9, 2021

The online event for the agri-food supply chain, processing and logistics to and from African developing countries.

BuildBusiness UP2Day 2022 - January 20, 2022

Online Round Table on the construction supply chain: from brick to design object.

IndustryBusiness UP2Day 2022 - February 2, 2022

Online Round Table on the industrial sector and machinery.

FashionTextileBusiness UP2Day 2022 - March 2, 2022

Online Round Table on the Fashion supply chain: from textile production to the label of the finished garment.

WellHealthBusiness UP2Day 2022 - March 17, 2022

Online Round Table on health and beauty at the service of people.

Agribusiness UP2Day 2022 - April 6, 2022

Online Round Table on the agri-food supply chain: from land to table a path full of opportunities.

Go abroad and exports can give companies a second life

A good internationalization strategy can truly change the fate of companies.

So exporting, finding partners or doing joint ventures can broaden the market for any company.


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