The IncontriModa projects were born from the assistance of 40 companies of the Centergross in Bologna at the PAP in Paris, which led the French buyers of the FNH Fédération Nationale de l’Habillement, to the showroom created at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Paris. Furthermore, the work of Barbara de Siena led to the presentation of IncontriGusto with the Italian chef in Lyon for the presentation of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Being perfectly bilingual” says Barbara de Siena “led me to collaborate in drafting tenders for Italian clients in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Italy for French clients.

Since my first trip to Africa in 2009, I have often been offered projects to present to find partners, investors, create business plan documentation, and much more …

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Barbara de Siena organizza a Bologna gli IncontriModa 2012

Market study

Before starting any project, it is essential to know the market in which you want to operate, based on reliable and certified data or on-site verification. The friend of my cousin’s friend who says they are doing business is not good!
As well as the network of people who know each other (but that’s not true) in 150 countries! Knowing a market means attending it to understand the subtleties of a different way of doing distribution, for example, which in Africa is different from France, but also how Trentino is different from Sicily or Lombardy but only those who know really well know this. the markets!

Feasibility study

Once the market has been verified, it is now absolutely necessary to verify the feasibility of the project, analyze its pros and cons and find solutions to overcome any obstacles.

The team for carrying out the feasibility study depends on many factors: the countries where the projects are to be carried out, the necessary technical skills, the skills of the company or start-up …

UP2gether accompagna i vostri progetti all'estero

Search professionals

Once the project has been analyzed, it is necessary to search for the professionals necessary for its drafting: engineers, architects, security managers, insurers, international bodies, accountants, translators, copyists, webmasters, graphic designers, and many others …

Business plan

It seems that everyone is now able to make a Business Plan … but I assure you that it is not so easy to prepare one. The BP must present a project in the best possible way and make it attractive to any banks, investors, or partners. So if you want to prepare a professional and bankable project, contact us!

Project Preparation

The Business Plan is a part of the Project, which presents the concrete idea to define industrial, marketing, and communication strategies, finance, and much more …

Go abroad and exports can give companies a second life

A good internationalization strategy can truly change the fate of companies.

So exporting, finding partners or doing joint ventures can broaden the market for any company.


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