Digital Communication is one of the pillars to sell or operate abroad in internationalization projects, a good media strategy can quickly make you known in a certain market.

Export: what does communication have to do with it?

2021 was a special year and by discussing with colleagues and professionals we looked for the positive sides of this period. The result is that each of us “must redo” in part the image and the services to be offered. UP2gether has not escaped this global change which I believe we must also be able to look at as evolution or at least growth: we need to analyze what we are and what we do, and this applies to both companies and professionals.

Partnerships with online media

UP2gether has therefore welcomed this trend to offer companies an online communication path created ad hoc for the company or the professional. A series of partnerships with companies in the media and communication sector will allow us to offer you a panel of national and international magazines and media, both vertical and Gnews publications.

Publiredazionali, ufficio stampa e pubbliche relazioni con UP2gether

Internationalization is a real job

The Account, that is the contact person who follows the Customer, must perfectly know the company and its products or services in order to be able to accompany him in the best possible way. He must also know how the company has operated up to the time of the new project that the company requires. What was the method used? National importers with exclusive or a number of national wholesalers distributors? or direct contact with local retail? are they or want to become a franchise? or a mixture of all of this.

You need to speak the local language where you intend to bring the customer to be able to read the contracts that any local professional firms submit to us and maybe even have a knowledge of the local legal and commercial system. Do they want to sell to Africa? In what country? In France? Belgium? Switzerland? Do you know French? local laws and Ohada law?

Communicate to sell

Italian exports and the internationalization of SMEs have not stopped in this last year and indeed companies are increasingly willing to expand their markets abroad. This has supported our idea of continuing with the UP2gether project in a new, more DIGITAL key!

Communicating has become essential, but above all, it is important to do it in the right way.

You have a website. But is it spelled correctly? Knowing how to write in the language of copyright to optimize and position your website in the best possible way is made up of a lot of knowledge on the functioning of Google and its analysis parameters (and I assure you that there are many). The topics covered must be interesting and must have informational value for your reader. Your potential customer, in technical jargon the “buyer persona”, must find your item looking for and think that you are the right supplier for him.

The discussions between professionals, the hundreds of webinars and trainings in 2020 and 2021 have led to a new UP2gether that can assist companies, professionals and projects with new digital tools that “must” be used without forgetting the field work that has created the important know-how that distinguishes us.

The world of work has changed a lot and we must change too, in this sense I found the book by Giulio Maria Spreti “Italyinsmartworking” very interesting.

Go abroad and exports can give companies a second life

A good internationalization strategy can truly change the fate of companies.

So exporting, finding partners or doing joint ventures can broaden the market for any company.


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