Discover how UP2gether, with its innovative approach of Global Business Boost, provides high-level consultancy services and organizes phygital events to foster the growth of businesses in every sector.

UP2gether, a consultancy specializing in international relations, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest project: GBB Global Business Boost. This innovative initiative aims to propel businesses towards new milestones on the global stage, offering personalized solutions to accelerate their growth and success.

With a targeted focus on personalized and tailored support, UP2gether’s GBB Global Business Boost offers a wide range of services designed to meet the specific needs of businesses operating in diversified sectors. From strategic project management to planning impactful events, our team of experts is committed to helping companies thrive in today’s competitive global market.

The main services offered within the scope of GBB Global Business Boost include:

1. International Projects

Comprehensive support for companies looking to expand their operations abroad, from market research to strategic planning.

2. Events and Conferences

Custom event planning services to enhance the presence and reputation of businesses globally.

3. Magazine (Mag)

An informative platform providing communication spaces in Italian, English, and French for the international business world.

4. Networking Opportunities

Accesso a una rete globale di professionisti di alto livello per collaborazioni e opportunità di partnership con aziende e imprenditori.

5. International Relations

Strategic consultancy to establish and maintain effective business relationships on a global scale.

6. Sales Communication

Development and implementation of communication strategies to increase sales and effectively engage the target audience (Persona).

7. Specialization in Exporting

Specialized support for businesses looking to expand into international markets, both traditional and digital.

8. Project Management Support

Comprehensive assistance in the management and implementation of complex projects on a global scale.

9. Business Planning

Development of tailor-made business plans and industrial strategies to meet the specific needs of companies, including Business Plans, Pitch, and Crowdfunding.

10. Corporate Concierge Services

Customized services to meet the travel and business needs of companies and their executives.

11. Personnel Research

Identification and selection of key talents to support business growth and development.

12. Feasibility Studies and Market Research

Consultancy services to assess and effectively implement new business opportunities.

Le diverse Divisioni di UP2gether assistono i clienti nei loro percorsi di internazionalizzazione

UP2gether understands the challenges and opportunities that businesses face in today’s interconnected world. With our GBB Global Business Boost, we are dedicated to providing practical solutions and strategic guidance to help companies to reach their full potential on the global stage.

With UP2gether by your side, don’t let opportunities slip away. Contact us today to begin your journey towards international success!

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